środa, 15 kwietnia 2015

Nine days left - final rooster


In nine days Lost Legion must be ready for 53'rd Crusade. After putting my Dreadclaw together, I knew I wanna give that thing a try. That determined my main unit - Chosen with Meltaguns inside a Dreadclaw.

Initially I thought about using Sorcerer on foot as my Warlord, and making him join the Chosen, but all in all I've decided to give him a Bike and a retinue of Bikers.

Second HQ choice was pretty obvious for me - Be'Lakor, the first Daemon Prince. I've seen so many Imperial Knights on the tables, it would be foolish not to use Be'Lakor, cause if there's one thing he's simply the best at, it's destroying vehicles, both regular and heavy. Last time I deployed him, he destroyed a Baneblade in one game turn (two assault phases).

For anti - aircraft my choice was also obvious - Hell Blade, the best Fast Attack CSM army has.

Sadly, I had to fill that second compulsory Troops slot, and I did it the easiest possible way - by deploying some Cultists.

For infantry - hunting, I want to give Leman Russ Punisher a try. Twenty shots from gatling, plus additional weapons, all that after 6" move, I think it will work just fine. That, of course, forced me to add Heretics and Renegades AD, therefore - one HQ and one Troops compulsory.

For the HQ I chose the cheapest possible Command Squad, with single Lascannon Team for some extra firepower.

Troops will be five Veterans, with Meltagun, in Deep Strike. Last time that unit worked quite well, and I think that after I learn how to use them properly, they'll work even better.

After many battles, I thought about leaving my Vindicator in my cabinet for good. Usually the tank did nothing or next to nothing. But the last game of last tournament, well... One lucky shot from Vindicator killed four Chaos Spawns and Juggerlord that was hiding in their unit. Circa 360 points in one shot. Therefore, I've decided to give that tank a try, this time using one of Legacy of Ruin rules, gaining it Outflank and Fear. It may help a lot, cause the main problem with using Vindicator is it's short range.

That leaves me with over 200 points left. The choice is simple - three Obliterators with Mark of Nurgle.

Twelve scoring units should gain me some points for scoring objectives, and hopefully save me from getting tabled more than once!

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