sobota, 4 kwietnia 2015

Khorne Daemonkin

About a week ago I got my hands on new Daemonkin Codex. I must admit, despite some rumours I still had hope at that point. Playing CSM army in 7'th edition is not an easy business, thanks to the crapy dex, so I thought "what can be worse than that?". Well... "Codex: Daemonkin" is the answer.

Games Workshop was never a company well managed and I guess nobody there thinks about the players. But with this dex, GW made it clear, that they want some people to buy that stupid book (earning money to GW), and then buy either their new Bloodthirster (leftover from WFB plate) or some models that nobody purchased (like Berzerkers, not only useless, but also ugly and old).

There's no possible option to build the Khorne's army based on this codex that will win even a local tournament...

All in all, I swear, if GW keeps treating CSM players this way for the rest of the year, I quit this hobby, and turn my attention to Warmachine or other "player-friendly" system. GW - you suck...

In the meantime, I get back to my paintstation. For few days I work on some Renegades to join my CSM army as allies, I dug out some models from times when I'd played Lost and the Damned army (including Leman Russ tank), and I wish to incorporate them into my force.

Soon I'll post some pictures of new additions to my army.

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