wtorek, 7 kwietnia 2015

They are the champions...

Theeeey are the chaaaaaaaampions, my frieeeend... Two finished models for Lost Legion, two leaders of two units - Bikers and Melta-Chosen.

Champion for my Melta-Chosen unit, armed with Power Axe and Bolt Pistol. Standard Chosen model from Dark Vengance set.

Second Champion is the leader of my Bikers squad.

Chaos Biker with right arm from Raptor model, head from Warp Talon, and scythes attached to the fork are actually weapons from Zombie regiment.

Now I have to finish the rest of both squads, bringing Chosen up to 9 models, and Bikers up to 10. It may sound a bit too much, but everytime I field Bikers, I wish I used more of them.

As I've mentioned couple of times, CSM Codex is, in my opinion, very weak. Therefore, if I don't want to spent the whole game taking my models off the table, I have to expand my army choices. The most obvious ones are Daemon allies and Imperial Armour XIII.

As much as I like Daemons, for few weeks I work on a rooster that includes something very different - Renegades and Heretics from IA 13. They are pretty much the "Evil Guard", with few changes.

It reminded me that back in the 4'th ed. I used to play Lost and the Damned army, and I have some old models. I dug in my miniatures closed for a wile, and dug out old Leman Russ Battle Tank.

Very old model painted by me, I'll have to repaint it to fit my Lost Legion, but overall it works nive. I'll have to switch the turret, to make it Leman Russ Punisher, but fortunately my friends at Bits of War have just what I need in stock.

Apart from that, I think about making some more tanks, expecially the Executioner with Plasma Cannon sponsons. That would be very nasty against deathstars :).

Currently, I had to prepare a rooster for the 52'nd Crusade, that takes place on saturday. 1500pts army, up to three detachments. I thought about using all three (Marines, Renegades and Daemons), but 1500 ain't much, expecially wile playing such expensive army.

Therefore, I've decided to go a bit different way than I usually do, and try something like that:

     - Force Axe
     - Power Armour
     - 1'st Mastery Level


6 Plague Marines
     - Champion with Power Axe
     - 2 Plasma Guns
     - Rhino with Dozer Blade and Dirge Caster

21 Plague Zombies

Hell Blade
     - Two Helstorm Autocannons

4 Bikers
     - 2 Meltaguns

2 Rapier Batteries
     - 2 Hades Autocannons

3 Obliterators

Renegade Command Squad
     - Demagogue with CCW & Pistol
     - 2 Disciples with Lasguns
     - Lascannon Team

5 Infantry Veterans
     - Meltagun
     - Deep Strike

Leman Russ Punisher
     - Militia Training
     - Heavy Bolter Sponsons
     - Lascannon

I think about getting rid of Obliterators (I like them, but they don't work well for me), cutting a bit here and there, and adding Predator with Lascannons and some Weapon Teams.

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