wtorek, 14 kwietnia 2015

Dreadclaw, and ten days left...

A bit of break from building Renegades and Zombies, I've decided to build a drop-pod for my Chosen. Of course, there's no actuall drop-pod in either CSM rulebook, nor in Imperial Armour 13. But, there's something a bit more tricky - a Dreadclaw.

Official model, sold by Forge World, is heavy, difficult to transport, and, lat but not least, expensive. If I'm about to order something from Forge World again, it will be a Raptor or more Hell Blades.

I chose to build my own Dreadclaw, using THIS tutorial. It wasn't very easy, but it surely wasn't hard. It took me about 30 minutes, including removing mold lines etc.

Tomorrow I'll put some primer on it, and paint the thing. I'm trying to use fully painted army on 53'rd Crusade, so I have ten days to paint quite a lot models, that is:

Sorcerer on Bike (built)

Sorcerer on Foot (built)

10 Autogun Cultists (built)

9 Chosen with Champion and 5 Meltas (6 built, 1 done)

Dreadclaw (built)

5 Bikers with 2 Meltas (built, one done)

Predator (built)

Vindicator (built)

3 Obliterators (one done)

Demagogue with retinue of 2 Disciples and Lascannon Team

5 Renegade Infantry Veterans with Melta (built)

Leman Russ Punisher (built)

Hell Blade (built)

43 models, including 4 vehicles. As you can see, almost all models are built, but I have to paint them, that leaves me with 4-5 models a day to make it. Not an easy task, but I'll do my best.

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