niedziela, 26 kwietnia 2015

Crusade 53 - Never Better!

Hi! Moments ago I came back from 53'rd Crusade. I must admit, I wasn't prepared for this tournament. Yesterday my fiancee took me to her friend's wedding, and I came back quite late at night. Therefore, I was late for the tournament, with army built in ~5 minutes.

Sorcerer on Bike in unit of Nurgle Bikers, Cultists, Chosen with 5 Meltaguns in Dreadclaw, Renegade Command Squad, Veterans, Punisher and Greater Brass Scorpion. That last beast proved to be one of the best units in whole game.

In first battle I faced Liwan's Decurion. Not much to say about that battle, Decurion is simply unbeatable in normal circumstances. I lost 19:1.

Then, I fought Dawid, witch whom I'd played last time, and he won. This time I managed to destroy most of his army, and score 20:0 victory.

Last battle brought my Lost Legion to fight against Imperial Guard led by Janek. Tough battle, Janek is a very skilled general, and his Guard is pretty tough, expecially after it's boosted by loads of psychic powers. All in all, I won by one single point, 11:9. Good thing is, Janek agreed that on the next Crusade we'll play again during the first round, so both of us will have a chance to score a bit higher.

Currently I work on few units I've been working on for a long time. I'd managed to finish my Vindicator (photos soon), and today my plan is to finish Renegade Demagogue and put together Veterans.

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