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Fire Frenzy!!!!!

Yesterday I came back from the biggest tournament I've been on since getting back to the hobby last year. Fire Frenzy took place near Katowice. I must admit, guys who organized this tournament really know what they're doing. Nice place to play, rooms to sleep during two tournament days, catering, party after first gaming day, everything was perfect.

First battle was against Karol, a friend witch whom I've traveled from Warsaw to the tournament. We drove half of Poland to play each other ;). The problem was, he had three wraithknights, so the battle was short, and he won, 0-20, no points after first battle.

Second one was against Marcin and his Eldar army. This time it went much better for me, the result was 19-1 for me. First points! Btw, Marcin had the best looking army on this event, at least I think that way.

Third, and last for the first day was against Bajer. Third battle, and third against Eldar. Two wraithknights this time, but after running like crazy after objective markers, I managed to win 15-5.

After first day I had 34 points, not that bad for the first time on Challenger class tournament :).

Second day I began playing against Space Marines army led by Gnilka. He had Skynammer and Centurions with Tigurius in Drop Pod. Quite tough battle, but by the end of turn five I killed last of his soldiers and got first clean table during this tournament. 18-2 for me.

Last battle was against CSM/SM army, and it was one of those rare ocasions that dice lost game for me. Sad moment, that costed me the place in first 10, the outcome was 14-6 for my oponent.

All in all, I was 21'st among 39 players. Not so bad, but not so good either. Next big tournament is in Płock in six weeks, and I already have a plan for my army. Untill then, I have to paint all the models I need. In the meantime - here are some pics from Fire Frenzy:

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