piątek, 16 października 2015

Sorcerer Rakan

Some time ago I've introduced to you Cullen the Bonereaper. He is the member of Inner Council, that rules the whole Legion. Theoretically. As everything, that too must be a bit Chaotic. Therefore, there's a second council, The Warp Brotherhood. Members are mostly psykers of various kinds, but not only.

One of the members is Rakan, the sorcerer who specialises in Divination. His main task in battle is to support various units, making them more resistant, or more deadly, expecially while shooting.

That's how Rakan looks. In Lost Legion bike is the symbol of status, kinda like a horse in medieval times, Rakan, exacly like Cullen, rides to battle mounted on the heavy bike.

The sad thing is, soon after I'd began working on Rakan, I've realised that I do not neet so many psykers in my army, in fact, I'm cruising towards removing psykers from my deathstar, or even removing deathstar at all! I really need to think about it...

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