piątek, 9 października 2015

New League

Our wargaming club starts new league tomorrow. I've decided to slightly modify my last 1850 rooster, and try to get as much as I can from such deathstar.

The list looks as follows:

Detachment1: Ravenwing Strike Force
FA1: Ravenwing Attack Bike (Multi-Melta) - 55pts
FA2: Ravenwing Land Speeder (Multi-Melta) - 60pts
Elite1: Ravenwing Command Squad (5 Black Knights, Apothecary, Company Banner) - 250pts
HQ1: Chaplain (Bike) - 110pts
HQ2: Librarian (Bike, Force Sword, Lv.2) - 110pts
HQ3: Samael on Corvex - 200pts

Detachment2: Clan Raukaan CAD
HQ1: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Fist, Bike, Gorgon's Chain) - 240pts
HQ2: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Fist, Bike, Storm Shield) - 210pts
Troop1: 4 Bikers (2x Grav-Gun) - 114pts
Troop2: 5 Scouts (Melta Bombs) [in transport1] - 60pts
HQ1: Thunderfire Cannon - 100pts
Transport1: Land Speeder Storm - 40pts

Detachment3: Iron Hands AD
HQ1: Chapter Master (Artificer Armour, Fist, Bike, Shield Eternal) - 245pts
Troop1: 5 Scouts - 55pts

As you can see, the deathstar is quite big, including Samael, Chaplain, Librarian, 3 Chapter Masters, 5 Black Knights and Apothecary. It has Skiller Rider, 5-3+ Feel No Pain, three Eternal Warriors, and moves really fast. The supporting units, for objective securing, are Attack Bike, two Land Speeders, Scouts and Bikers. Thunderfire is for removing weak units that sit on objectives.

I have to prepare quite a few models:

Attack Bike - assemble and paint
Land Speeder  - assemble and paint
5 Black Knights - assemble 2, paint 5
Apothecary - finish painting
Chaplain - assemble and paint
Librarian - finish painting
Samael - finish painting
Chapter Master with Chains - assemble and paint
Chapter Master with Shield - done
Chapter Master with Shield Eternal - assemble and paint
4 Bikers - paint
5 Scouts - paint
5 Scouts - assemble and paint
Speeder Storm - paint
Thunderfire Cannon - assemble and paint

Loads of work, but hopefully I'll manage to do that in one month. We'll see :)

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