wtorek, 13 października 2015

Raptor has landed :)


After last tournament I'd been to, I've began to think about the way to defeat Eldar armies using my Lost Legion. I've red various dexes, dataslates, WD formations etc, and came up with something slightly different from my regular army.

The formation that caught my attention is Skyhammer Annihilation Force. Two units of Devastators in Drop Pods get relentless on the turn they disembark, and two units of Assault Marines are allowed to charge the turn they arrive from deep strike. Whole formation appears on the table at the beginning of turn 1 or 2, player's choice.

If I want to use this formation, I'll need at least ten Assault Marines, so I began working on first squad of five, Squad Meteor. First model is ready, and it looks like this:

Unit's symbol is the astrologic symbol of Jupiter. You can see it on the picture below, sadly - slightly obscured by the jump pack.

One done, five more to go!

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