niedziela, 16 listopada 2014

Painting queue

Today I've almost finished my Skeleton Warriors, adding one final regiment filler (more about that - tomorrow). Only 10 Skeletons left to assembly, and about 5 are assembled and waiting to get paint on them.

As I've mentioned before, Skeletons are last of my three painting challenges for this month. I have to decide, what will I paint next month. IMO the best way is to prepare list of models/units I will need, and choose from those, so...

My painting queue, devided into unit types:

- 4 units, 16 Skeleton Archers in each
- 3 Toomb Kings Chariots
- 12 more Ghouls

- Mounted Wight King
- Mounted Vampire
- Tomb Prince
- 2 Necromancers
- Mounted Necromancer
- Liche Priest
- Wight King

- Nagash
- Mortarh (not yet decided, which one, probably Mannfred)
- Mounted Vampire Lord
- Strigoi Ghoul King

- 15 Black Knights
- 6 Vargheists
- 2 units, 2 Fell Bats in each (maybe I'll join those units together)
- 40 Grave Guard

- Varghulf
- 2 Screaming Skull Catapults
- Terrorgheist
- 4 Blood Knights

I think for next month I'll choose to paint Mounted Vampire Lord, and 9 Black Knights as his retinue. This will give my army the unit that can charge the enemy much faster than my M4 infantry. Not sure how it will work, I'm going for more defensive strategy, with hard units of infantry, archers and catapults, but a bit of fast counter-attack might get usefull as well.

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