piątek, 7 listopada 2014

Hi there!

It's been many years since I've played Warhammer for the last time. 2 months ago I've decided to start a new army, and I chose Vampires. Few boxes of models later, and I own about 2000pts painted army.

I wouldn't start a blog about that, if GW didn't start the End Times campaign. I've signed up, prepared 1500pts rooster, and showed up in the store today.

2 battles later, here I am, I've learned much, mostly on my own mistakes :) Tomorrow I'll try to write something more about those battles, now I have to paint my ghosts, as tomorrow I'll have another battle, with Ogres this time. Today's battles were against Skaven and High Elves.

But before I return to my paint station, here is my initial army for the campaign:

Tamara van Dorst (Vampire Lord)
on foot, with +2 strenght, red fury, quickblood, beguile

Arnold Lowefell (Master Necromancer)
also on foot, with 4'th level and dispel scroll

Princess Shilla (Banshee)

27 Ghouls
with Ghast

2 units of 5 Dire Wolves
both with Doom Wolf inside

5 Hexwraiths


Initially I planned to use 47 Skeletons instead of Ghouls, but after I've counted all the Skeletons I've bought, I found myself in need of 2 additional boxes. Sadly, GW store in Warsaw had only one box (which I bought), so I had to use ghouls.

Till next time, stay tuned :)

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