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Second battle against followers of Chaos

Lost Legion faced hordes of Chaos for the second time. First resulted in complete anihilation of my forces, so this time I'll try to fix as many mistakes as possible. Sadly, I have to little models painted to change my rooster (in campaign, we can use only 1500pts we chose at the beginning, and models we declare to paint during the campaign). I've deployed my forces in my usual way:

Chaos deployed a bit wider than before:

Bogumil got first turn, and began to advance his forces.

Thanks to my vanguard moves, one of his chariots charged Dire Wolves on my right flank.

All wolves died crushed by chariot's impact hits.

In my turn, second unit of wolves tried to block the chariot, and ghosts moved to hold Standard Bearer. Then I began summoning, succesfully rising Lv.1 Necromancer.

Then, Terrorgheist flew from center to my left flank, and shouted at Skullcrushers, killing one.

I think I got to close combat too soon...

Standard bearer charged Spirit Hosts, Chariot - wolves, Skullcrushers, Lord and Chariot attacked Terrorgheist. Wolves perished, ghosts got 2 wounds, replying with nothing (of course), and Terrorgheist died (but just barely!), but before that, he managed to kill one Skullcrusher, leaving single model of 3-model unit.

Skullcrusher and chariot overran, Lord made a gentle turn to face Ghouls.

My main unit tried to charge at the chariot on right flank, but Bugumil ordered his warriors to flee. I summoned 10 Skeletons and second Necromancer.

And that's it for the battle... I got charge from Chimera and Chaos Lord. Tamara cut the beast's three heads with one swing, and huge body of Chaos creature felt to the ground. Lord killed Crypt Ghast in challenge. I won the combat, but Chaos Lord held still. Next turn my ghosts perished, and Ghouls got charge from chariot, Skullcrusher, and Standard Bearer. Skeletons died under hooves and scythes of another chariot.

After my whole unit died, I've managed to summon Hexwraiths and another 10 Skeletons. Both units died, but Skeletons fought bravely against Chaos Chariot, parrying one hit after another, and inflicting 2 wounds. Heroic last stand, that lasted for one turn... Game over!

I got 3 points, and currently have 30 achievement points!

After this battle, I have quite a lot of thoughts:
1) Get rid of Dire Wolves, they do barely nothing, no matter with whom I play.
2) Add the second fighting unit, now, after my Ghouls perish, the game is over, no matter what else I have on the battlefield.
3) Add some shooting units, Skeleton Archers and Screaming Skull Catapult, to begin with.
4) Deploy my forces further from my enemy, when fighting against assault armies like Chaos Warriors.
5) Give one of my wizards different lore, that allows me to deliver some direct damage.

Next battle on FRIDAY! Lost Legion will fight Dark Elves. Let's see what black, pointy-eared guys have to offer :).

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