środa, 12 listopada 2014

First failure of Tamara van Dorst...

Today I've played against Warriors of Chaos under Bogumil's command. Battle started quite well, finally I've managed to deploy my forces properly.

Bogumil got first turn, and began to move his forces forward.

Sadly, I forgot that Chimera's got regeneration (4+), and marched my Terrorgheist, so he could shout at her. He did, scoring 5 wounds, but 4 of those were regenerated. Poor, poor Terrorgheist, got charges from Chimera and two Chariots :(.

After killing him, Chaos forces continued their advance.

I've tried to slow it down with my screen units.

Both units of wolves died, and both got resurrected, as I've used Lore of the Undead for the first time. It seems to be quite powerfull, but that wasn't enough to stop the advancing horde. my first turn of magic I summoned two units of wolves and one Wrath.

All for nothing :(. Skullcrushers have cut through everything I threw at them, leading to quite problematic gambit.

I've managed to summon Hexwraiths, but Chaos Lord chopped them to a two-man unit. Main unit of infantry tried to charge Skullcrushers, but failed, and got charges from Champion on Disc, two Chariots, Chimera and Skullcrushers.

That was too much even for my main unit. Tamara couldn't kill Chimera, thanks to the later's regeneration, only my Wight King BSB managed to score a single wound on one Skullcrusher. Pathetic :(

I've lost the combat by 19 points, as far as I remember, and my whole unit felt into dust.

Good game anyway, I've learned much. The fact is, I learn only from lost battles :). My army needs some improvements, I put too much confidence in Vampire Lord's ability to chop everything on her way. Maybe I need another hero in that unit, or second unit with another vampire?

I think it would be nice to use unit of Crypt Ghouls with Strigoi Vampire (who is already on my workdesk) and another Necromancer. That would give me two hard hitting units, main (Death Guard with Vampire, Wight King BSB and Master Necromancer) and supporting (Ghouls with Strigoi and Necromancer).

More magic, more killing power, and my whole army would finally stop depending on one unit. Worth trying.

I was really impressed by new Lore of the Undead. It allowed me to summon two units of Dire Wolves, two Cairn Wraths, Hexwraiths, which was about 1/3 of my initial army value. If my Necromancer survived one more turn, he would summon my Terrorgheist back!

Tomorrow I will play a battle against another Undead army, let's see which Terrorgheist shouts first :).

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