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Dead killing Dead

As I'd mentioned before, yesterday I've played against another army of dead guys (and girls, in case of my army). My Lost Legion (Army of Undead) fought against Vampire Counts led by Piotr.

My army hasn't changed since my last battle. After deployment, the table looked like that:

I got the first turn, and held my army still, with one exception: the Terrorgheist. He flew whole 20", and landed in the middle of graveyard, near Vampire's army.

Magic phase was quite good for me, I've managed to summon 5 Hexwraiths, and, of course, got first token. 

In the shooting phase, my Terrorgheist shouted at his friend on the other side. I scored 9 on dices, and as my 'Gheist was at full health, the attack inflicted enormous 15 wounds. Only two of those were regenerated, and the other Terrorgheist died.

Vampire Count's army began to move forward. Ghouls and Vampire Lord charged my Terrorgheist, Hexwraiths and skeletons marched in my direction, and Necromancer flew a bit closer on his beast.

In magic phase, almost nothing happened, I've managed to dispel everything but one death vortex, which did nothing through whole game. Unfortunately, the spell was cast on double six, and Necromancer was sucked into warp.

The first and only move I've made was to move my Hexwraiths forward.

Then, to magic... One of two most effective magic phases in whole game. I summoned 20 skeletons and Cairn Wrath, in front of my main line.

The rest of my forces held still...

Piotrek advanced forward again, and whole magic got dispelled.

At last, some of my forces moved forward. One unit of Wolves ran forward to help my Hexwraiths, the other - on my right flank. Ghosts moved forward, ready to charge at ghouls. Newly summoned unit of Skeleton Warriors with Wraith advanced as well.

In magic phase, I managed to cast only one spell, which summoned Banshee right next to Ghouls. She shouted at them, killing two.

Piotrek ordered his Ghouls to charge at my Wolves, Skeletons to charge at my Skeletons, and Hexwraiths to jump over my Hexwraiths again.

Hexwraiths perished, Wolves too. Skeletons couldn't manage to charge, and moved 5 inches.

I charged Skeletons with Skeletons :) and Banshee, Hexwraiths with Wolves, and Ghouls with my main unit. Ghosts moved forward to block the Vampire Lord's line of sight.

Three of Wolves died, two killed, one due instability. Baanshee killed two Skeletons with shout, and none with attacks. Few skeletons died on both sides, all in all, I've managed to win by 5 points.

Ghouls got massacred by my main unit (Vampire Lord, Wight King and 27 Ghouls are able to kill quite a lot, and quite fast).

Oh, and no magic this turn - I ran out of models to summon, could summon only Wolves, but that spell was succesfully dispelled.

Piotr Charged his Vampire Lord into combat, and killed Banshee. Skeletons continued to kill each other...

Wolves perished totally.

I moved my Ghouls a forward a bit, tied to cast something, but everything was dispelled.

In Piotrek's turn, Hexwraiths marched forward, over my Ghosts, inflicting 3 wounds. Combat continued, but with Vampire on the other side, my whole unit felt apart, leaving lone Wrath in fight...

My command unit charged, and managed to help Wrath. Sadly, the Vampire Lord cut Tamara's head off (she regenerates in few days time, so it's not that bad, she'll be good as new for the next battle). Rest of the unit and heroes cut each other, and all in all 3 Skeletons felt apart due instability.

In Piotrek's turn, fight went on, I had to issue challenge, to save my Necromancer, and Vampire killed my Wrath.

In my turn, I finally managed to show what my army can do. Ghosts moved behind the Skeletons, ready to join the fight. Necromancer used all the tokens he had, and summoned Terrorgheist! The beast shouted at Hexwraiths, killing them all.

Fight went on, and it wasn't going to well, untill, at the very end of my turn, my brave Wight King BSB attacked Vampire Lord, managed to hit him only once, and as I've rolled for wound, I got 6! Vampire Lord killed by mere Wight King's killing blow. WOAH! Truly epic :).

That was the end of the game, rest of skeletons felt apart, and the field was mine!

The campaign is going well, at least - so far so good :). I've got 27 points, which puts me on first place. That, of course, may change, End Times just began!

I work hard on painting my models, today I've finished second objective for this month - Wight King. Now I need to paint "only" 47 Skeletons, currently 12 are finished, 8 are WiP, and 27 are still in boxes.

Till next time!

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